False Bay, Cape Town, is known for its amazing sea life, from dolphins, sharks to whales and also sting rays. These seriously huge rays frequent a local bay foraging for the scraps fisherman discard overboard as they clean their fish. They are common in this area and provide brave divers with some amazing displays as they glide effortlessly through the water.
Once again the footage was filmed on a GoPro.



Conquest Charters has provided many tourists with amazing memories and pictures of the ocean lifestyle by boating in Cape Town, South Africa. Sadly, the pictures taken and shared with friends are something we seldom get to see.

However, on a recent trip we shared this experience with some local travel bloggers of The Travel Manuel. By blogging about their experience with us, we read a first-hand account of the unpredictable but amazingly enticing feeling of adventure when on the ocean.

Of course we can never order the perfect weather, but the fact that Zangetsu is capable of just about anything, instills a sense of invincibility to the people on board who always end up enjoying the ride or should I say adventure.

Find the great blog post “power-boating-along-the-atlantic-seaboard” with some equally great photos here:


Picture taken with a GoPro



The next step in the competition process was to plan the trip. Weather conditions play a big part in the actual enjoyment of the passengers and planning a trip requires keeping an eye on long-term weather forecasts. But Cape Town being what it is, has its fair share of great weather days. Lots of sun a little bit of wind and some pleasant sea swell entertained the winning group. These I must mention included some travel bloggers, cape town bloggers and fans of the Conquest Charters. These are pictures of the trip.


DSCF7958 (640x344)





We recently ran a photo competition during October and these were the winning entries.


A BIG thank you to all who submitted pictures.



To celebrate spring and a number of marine events (e.g. National Marine Week and the Save our Seabird Festival), we are launching a photo contest to share the marine experience.

Cape Town is surrounded by ocean so it should not be difficult to meet the theme requirements. Any Oceanic theme applies – Beach clean-ups, sunsets, surf pics, marine animals etc. You decide.

The details:

All you have to do to be one of 6 people to win 2 seats aboard a one charter trip in HOUT BAY is to submit a photo with any oceanic theme. Submit your photos to 2 winners per week will be chosen. Closing dates 6th, 13th, 20th October 2013 Winners notified the first Wednesday after each closing date. Competition closes 20th October 1 x trip, 6 x winners, 12 x passengers T&C’s to be found at The trip will be scheduled within two weeks of competition closing. So make sure you are available. Only one trip will be made, so miss it and you miss out. You’ll have to be in Cape Town to win this prize. Looking forward to seeing the pics and meeting the prize winners.


Be sure to visit the Facebook page to keep up to date.Photo Comp

Simple, got it, GO!



In Cape Town we celebrate the coming of spring by lining the coastal roads looking for that spurt of air and water that symbolises large marine mammals. Whales. These large animals can be seen from the coastline as they drift fairly close to the shoreline. The Southern Right whale is the main attraction as females calf here during July and December. To find out more follow this link to MAMMAL MAP blog.

So far, I’ve seen one Southern Right whale from the shore and none while on the Ocean. In the mean time reports are in that some Humpback whales have been sighted in False Bay.

In celebration of the forthcoming attractions (and past) I have posted a whale related video ( video not from South Africa) that showcases the awesomess and relative size of these great animals. While a great story for the divers it is also a lucky escape from harm. Enjoy.



Here is another video I made from featuring our Hout Bay Trip. The trip last roughly an hour, with plenty to see and more than enough time to snap the perfect picture.



The Cape waters are teaming with amazing sea-life. I am glad that a professional has decided to film them, opposed to my own videos. Enjoy this well shot video of a super-pod of dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean.




The summer season has proven to be rather quiet as many travellers tighten their belts and explore different options to entertain themselves, abroad or in Cape Town. But as history often repeats itself, March has proven to be a regularly busy month for boating tourism.
With that Conquest Charters and Marine Scene will be doing weekly trips to the mighty ocean. The past trip proved just how connected our oceans can be. Large swells, a reminder of the tropical cyclone affecting our north eastern coastline, provided an interesting trip for the overseas tourists.
You never quite know what to do when half the people ask for more speed and the other half are perfectly comfortable as things are. You can’t please them all, but we sure do try



For the kids of BaPhumele Childrens Home Christmas came early as the OCEANA Power Boat Club and Conquest Charters donated their time and resources to share some joy over this festive season. Not all children get the gifts they want in December, but judging by the faces of the kids, the boat ride and time at sea was a gift to remember.  Eldred, gladly pointed out the marine life (pictured Cape Fur Seal) and other ocean going vessels on the day. Here are some pictures from the Children’s day held on 26 November 2011.